1, in our days together, with the most cherished friendship, in our young years, have the most sincere friend, the margin deserves our cherished.

  2, the wind is transparent, the rain is ticking, the clouds are mobile, the song is free, love is intentions, love is crazy, the sky is eternal, you are unforgettable.

  3, together, though not eternal; parting, but it does not mean forever. Your dismay, has long been turned into an infinite blessing and strength, accompanied by the pinnacle of your career, although there are still hard setbacks and tests, but I believe you will save the day, boarded the top of life.

  4, the glow of the ideal as a good call to us, my classmates, breaking up soon, do not have to ask what day meet, we – a drop of water, all will be active in the motherlands sea!

  5, the quiet sky, each star has its own track, so that we find their best in life position, the eyes of the world may become harmonious and peaceful.

  6, you use the wisdom and knowledge to achieve todays harvest, again with the wisdom and courage to accept the challenges of tomorrow. Xueyou, I admire your indomitable spirit.

  7, we are about to enter a new life, the road ahead is still very long, so we cherish today have more youth and friendship, friendship with the truth to watering the bud.

  8, perhaps, perhaps when you stand in the tuyere, but when you look back on your childhood, you will find many things, many memories of the profound things become blurred, but vague profound.

  9, meet and bid farewell to the sail and offshore, both past the end of joy, but also the beginning of the future well-being.

  10, the moment to leave, let us go! Do not regret, no need to say goodbye, even if the song gradually silence down, our hearts will never jump.

  11, a cup of wine into Chouchang, but turned into countless Wan Sang Acacia tears. This to go through the years, although the moon often to another circle, already meet no period. Security know when the reunion of the first Huafa, or for the ancient, this is it this time do not become a permanent formula

  12, the so-called good friends like us, you can talk about the hearts of the feelings, care for each other, take care of each other, sometimes laughed, and sometimes get red face red, but not mind.

  13, with your peers, we recall that we have had a common ideal; break up with you, looking forward to our reunion when the carnival.

  14, you have the same wisdom and Yongquan a pair of hard hands, Xueyou, Xueyou, no matter where you are, lucky and happy moments to accompany you!

  15, I am honored to have four classmates with you, so I met you the chic genius, I appreciate your temperament, admire your man, surely you will become my best friend in the future.

  16, the worlds most precious, than the sincere friendship, deep memory, like the fragrant flowers, open in the deep valley.

  17, if I can, I would like to rub everything into the heart of todays distinction. But I can not ah! So, let us break up silence! You know, this is a volcano of silence, it is better than all goodbye!

  18, in full of season, full of sincere blessings, is willing to bring you unlimited joy and warmth.

  19, Chen drink the best drink, old friends most intimate, friends know the longer the more worthy of treasure, because the co-owned too many memories.

  20, Shanhai can block each other, but can not block my thoughts, the distance can pull you and me, but not open sincere friendship, the time can be forgotten in the past, but never forget a friend.


  1. In the growing years, have to accompany you to laugh with you worry about friends, is a lifetime will not forget, is willing to each other can cherish the friendship, to be an everlasting friend.

  2. Someone once said: If you want to remember anything, it must be forgotten what people are cruel is not it

  3. I hope a good memory, not from the years in a hurry to walk, let it forever in our hearts.

  4. In a busy life do not forget to take a time, so that their eyes relaxed, always keep a young happy heart.

  5. Your figure is the sail, my eyes are the river, how many times want to retain you, and finally can not. I know that the world is a rare friendship, but more valuable is freedom.

  6. With your self-confidence, with your cheerful, with your perseverance, and a fellow with you for your blessing, you will be able to sail to the ideal side.

  7. meet and bid farewell to the sail and offshore, both past the end of joy, but also the beginning of the future well-being. Time is always too short, leaving my attachment, carved your self-confidence and Tianran; years is always too long, the mark across my face, the rainbow frame your days; life always talk about love, friendship flash My eyes, and flash your stare. Spring chilly, a pool of water, a month, a wish, a look forward to.

  8. Your talent is like a spark, if you use diligent hard to support combustion, it will become a raging fire, release the incomparable light and heat.

  9. Sorrow worth mentioning, sad worth mentioning, life is not stop. Thousands of words turned into a blessing: sea hanging Yunfan economic sea!

  10 friends, let me gently say hello, although life is inevitable there are scattered, but you are my heart, the most cherish the most memorable friends.

  11. Life is like that. Hope it leaps, it is always leisurely; and so realized the taste, would like to leave it to be, it is like a passing away in a hurry. When slow when the disease is slow when slow, when sad when happy when bitter. Sorrow and bitter as partners, Huan and music counterparts. Gather all are edge, clutch total affection. Friendship long, years, such as flow, when I look back, already empty, I do not know who according to Jiang Yue, but see the Yangtze River to send water.

  12. You finally leave, but you keep the image of flowers down, you keep the fragrance of flowers down, you put our common watering hope also stayed. In the future as long as I think of you, my years will always be bright, always Fangfei.

  In the face of the banquet placed under the years, we smiled graciously to persuade each other, as if all the love and reluctant to say, are stored in the statement behind. Because we all understand that this go no longer than the hands of this cup of alcohol more beautiful wine.

  14. I have nothing to say, nothing more than a set of good learning and the like. Too vulgar, right You have to remember, good friends will give you sincere wishes. Your smile will give him or them to bring the most beautiful memories. Six years, and nothing more than six years of friendship more precious bar. She is the most pure, the most beautiful, the most holy. Hours we are cute: With the things, two people angry angry said: But you do not play! But the next day will pull hands to brother.

  15. junior high school for three years, everything seems like yesterday, todays gathering of scattered … … heart no regrets, because friendship is not geographical constraints; do not want to express sadness, although the parting in front; no description of scattered, after all, not far from each other .

  16. quarrel Ye Hao, bickering Ye Hao, happy Ye Hao, Ye Hao vent, you will always be my best buddies.

  17. Not because of loneliness only want you, but because you want to be lonely. The feeling of loneliness is so heavy, just because too deep.

  18, respectively, Road, discrete. Three years, said many times, can never be separated. Now again, then separated, but really a time-lapse people broke up, alone pull Acacia stay. … … not sad, strong smile is a lie. Things to the present, what can be retained The cry to cry, the talk on the talk, the gather together. How can we know tomorrow


  1, there is no direction of the ship, any direction of the wind, will not be windy sea cross-flow, the heroes themselves!

  2, my principle is, see the tree I tied the rope, you see this giant, whatever the outcome is a tree ah, so I put the rope first, as the last let me die, that is their thing .

  3, open the BMW is the rich, but not necessarily the social elite.

  4, what is called outstanding Is stand out all the people.

  5, so you graduated from high school after I really worried, not worried about you, I worry about is the next unlucky teacher who

  6, God gave a man a generous shoulder, because let them learn to carry.

  7, since want to make money, I would like to mind which version of the RMB

  8, the students, you go first, I still have things … …

  9, the squad leaders last message: Lets not goodbye, or farewell bar.

  10, Well no pressure no oil, people no pressure floating ah!

  11, the teacher: so you graduated from high school after I really worried, not worried about you, I worry about is the next unlucky teacher who

  12, is not it take your home East Third Ring Road, the house cheat beauty it!

  13, you are the real warriors do, dare to face the bleak life, dare to face the dripping blood.

  14, the future on when the boss, when the boss can not when the boss, when the boss can not be his boss when his mother is also OK!

  15, if you are a meteor, I will wait for you; if you are a satellite, I will go to install you; Unfortunately, you are a gorilla, I only went to the zoo to visit you.

  16, crush like a pilgrimage to the temple of the moment, all the choices can only be the same way back.

  17, said, and made such a grand and vulgar, in the end why go!

  18, you said that we urge this group of bad luck after 80, ah, into the school when the toe high gas, out of the gate when the depressed. The same is the door, the difference ye so big it!

  19, but you cute, flowers see bloom, fish see fish sinks, birds see birds bird crazy big beauty ah!

  20, resume, know what is a resume Is a simple talk about your experience.